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Services & Rates

These are the most popular services I offer.  Please contact me for information about rate discounts, or to discuss alternate service options.

Group Art Therapy 
$150 per hourly session

Art therapy groups are a highly beneficial addition to any facility's activity program.  The art materials and projects are based on the needs and interests of the group members, and change each week.  We may draw, paint, sculpt, weave, and much more!  Art materials are provided by me and included in the cost of the session.

Individual Art Therapy
$125 per hourly session

For individuals who have an interest in art, need extra socialization, or who would like to address the challenges of life in a creative manner.  One-on-One art therapy sessions may take place in my office or at the client's place of residence.  All projects/assignments are based on the needs and interests of the client.  Individual art therapy addresses specific goals and needs in a private, personalized setting.

Art Discussion Group
$125 per hourly session

Art discussion groups are based on the Meet Me at MOMA model. Presentations are theme-based (e.g. Portraiture, Art of Georgia O'Keefe, Cubism, etc.) and include 2-5 images.  Participants are asked to observe and comment on different aspects of the art, and a lively discussion ensues.  This is an active participation group, rather than an art history lecture.  Accessible for all cognitive levels.


Art discussion groups may be paired with art-making sessions at an additional cost ($100/hr for art-making groups).  Art projects will be related to the theme of the presentation, and are a great way to get participants to translate ideas from the discussion into a physical form.  By combining the art discussion and experiental art-making group, the benefits of participation are greatly increased.

Artful Aging does not currently accept any insurance as coverage for group services.


Individual sessions may be covered In-Network through CareFirst Blue Cross/Blue Shield or Maryland Medicaid.

Other services are offered on a private-pay basis.

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